Chic Treat Club Beauty Box | July 2014

Chic Treat Club

Yesterday I received my first ever Chic Treat Club subscription box!  In case you haven’t heard about it, Chic Treat Club is an Irish Beauty and Lifestyle subscription box.

They send you five treats each month, which could be anything from high-end brands, to drugstore favourites or a “best kept secret” that the Chic Treat team have discovered!  But it’s always a total surprise!

The offer that I am loving the idea of, is the one month subscription.  Basically it’s €16.95 and you are sent a box of treats, if you decide that it’s not your thing or you aren’t happy you can cancel at any time!  If you are happy, it’s a rolling subscription so you’ll get it the next month too!  I think it’s a great way to get to try the service first before committing!  If you get 3 or 6 month subscription it works out even cheaper, at just €15!

Chic Treat Club

The way I look at it is this – you could so easily spend €15 on products you don’t need or will never use over a period of a month.  I know I do it, and some people spend a lot more than I do!  I figure that this is a much better way of spending that €15.  Beauty experts have hand picked products for you to test out, so you know they’re good products – and what you’re getting in the box is worth more than €15!

I have to say, I was delighted with this month’s box and it was so exciting to open!  You can watch me unboxing it here!

Here’s what was inside…

Neostrata Bionic Face Cream €42.62

Neostrata is not a brand I’d heard of before, but anything that describes itself as “powerfully anti-aging” sounds good to me!
This brand reminds me of Nimue, another cosmeceutical brand which I have been loving lately.  So I’m excited to test it out and see what it’s like.

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream €14.95

Burt's Bees

I was delighted to see Burt’s Bees in the box!  It’s great to see a reputable and loved brand.  I was even more delighted at the fact that it’s something I actually need right now! The cream is made with glycerin, lanolin and coconut oil so it’s super softening and it smells GORGEOUS!  There’s also a hint of peppermint oil in it too which gives a really tingly refreshing feeling.

i-ENVY False Lashes by KISS €3.99

i Envy Lashes

I absolutely love how people look when they wear false lashes!  Their eyes just look so dramatic and pretty and I have major eye envy!  However, I am disgraceful when it comes to applying lashes, I also end up looking so weird when I wear them – so it’s unlikely that I will use these.  Having these in the box is a great way for lash wearers to trial a new brand though.

Yon Ka Quintessence Candle PLUS 2 Free Samples! €10.50

Yon Ka

This candle smells divine, the first thing I said was that it smells just like a Spa.  Then my husband ended up saying the same thing!  As it turns out these are a favourite in salons all over the world, I cannot wait to use this – it’s gorgeous.

Also from Yon Ka, were two sample sizes of a Dry Skin Toner and a Cleansing Milk for the face and eyes.
I actually used the cleansing milk to remove mascara last night, and it was fantastic!

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush €19.90

Physicians Formula

I think I literally squealed when I saw this Physicians Formula in the box.  I had only just recently heard that Physicians Formula is available in Ireland now, and I was so, so happy to get this!  I probably would have bought this myself if I’d seen it in store, so I feel like I got something I really wanted and all the other treats were a bonus!  This is such a fantastic brand, and loved by beauty bloggers all over the world!  I have used it this morning and it’s beautiful!

I am really impressed with Chic Treat Club, they really did a fantastic job with this month’s box!  To find out more, and see previous boxes, pop on over to their website or find them on Twitter @chictreatclub or Facebook

Here’s the unboxing video:

Thanks so much for reading! x

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