First Impressions: Essence Makeup

I thought I’d do a ‘first impressions’ type post on these bits I picked up from Essence Cosmetics.  I wasn’t expecting too much, considering I spent a total of €7.49 but I’m actually pretty happy!

Here I am, wearing what I bought:

Essence Cosmetics

Here’s what I picked up:

1. Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set in 01 Natural for Brunettes

Essence Cosmetics

This is my favourite thing that I picked up!  I have never tried a budget eyebrow palette before, and I wasn’t too impressed the first time I used this one.  However, after the second use I was loving it.  I think I’m too used to the idea that ‘less is more’, when it comes to eyebrow products – but with this one you really need to load your brush up!  I think it creates a really natural look and I love it!  If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful product for brows – this is it!

2. Essence Match to Cover Cream Concealer in 10 Natural Beige

Essence Cosmetics

This isn’t great for covering up pigmentation or blemishes, but it is good for brightening under the eyes and as an eye primer!  I found that it applies best using finger tips to press it in!  It doesn’t last all day, but it doesn’t crease or cake!

3. Essence Silky Touch Blush in Life’s a Cherry

Essence Cosmetics

This is quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way for me!  It also has a bit of a shimmer to it, which created a lovely summery and glowing complexion!

4.  Nail Products:  Colour&Go Yellow Polish + Gel Nails at Home Top Coat

Essence Cosmetics

I haven’t tried either of these yet, I’m just impressed that I managed to pick them both up for less than €3!  I’m not sure how to top coat will work out but I will report back on this!  I have been looking for a yellow polish for a while, just for an accent nail – I thought it would look summery!  So, I’m delighted that I found one – I don’t have massive expectations for it at this price!!

That’s it for my mini Essence haul/first impressions!  I’m quite pleased overall, as I absolutely LOVE finding a beauty bargain!!  Let me know what Essence products you’ve been loving, or any other budget buys!

Thanks for reading! x



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