PIXY Natural Skincare Haul

Pixy Natural Skincare

If you haven’t already heard about PIXY, you need to read this post!  PIXY are an Irish company that make skincare and beauty products using only pure natural ingredients!  I feel like this brand is kind of like an Irish LUSH.

I’ve been hearing more and more about this brand lately, it’s been in beauty boxes and I’ve read a few reviews too – so I’ve been really eager to try it out.  That’s why I was delighted when I received this amazing package from them!

Pixy Natural Skincare

The first thing I have to say is how amazingly packaged this is.  I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve ordered things, not even just beauty and they’ve arrived in pieces because it was so lazily packaged.  This is done really well!

What I Got:

Below, left to right – Almond Milk Face Scrub, Softening Body Oil and Glowing Body Butter

Pixy Natural Skincare

The Almond Milk Face Scrub is an exfoliating face wash.  It contains apricot oil and jojoba oil – both of which do amazing things for your skin.  It also contains poppy seeds, which do the ‘exfoliating’ bit.  I love the smell of this – it’s like marzipan!

The Softening Body Oil is like a Spa in a bottle!  It honestly just smells so nice, it really does remind me of a trip to a Spa.  You pump a teaspoon of the oil into your hand, warm it between your palms and then rub it into your body.  I really like this product, it absorbs really quickly and you aren’t left with a greasy residue and the amazing scent lasts for ages!  Gorgeous product!

The Glowing Body Butter is like no other body butter!  It’s whipped up into a really light mixture that literally melts into your skin.  It also contains these tiny golden flecks, that remain on your skin after the product has been absorbed.  See below:

Pixy Natural Skincare Glowing Body ButterPixy Natural Skincare Glowing Body Butter

As you apply the Body Butter it looks quite oily, but again it absorbs really quickly.  I think this will be great for evenings after a day in the sun – to really give that glowy tanned look!

Next is the Lime Body Scrub Cubes – “The Best Fake Tan Remover, Ever!”

Pixy Natural Skincare Lime Body Scrub

These Lime Body Scrub Cubes smell so nice!  I just love citrus smells.  I probably won’t be able to test out the Fake Tan theory, as haven’t worn self tanner in a long time, but I am really looking forward to trying these as an exfoliator.  I find a lot of exfoliators to be really abrasive on my skin, you know the ‘hardcore’ ones that claim to do what this product does?  There was one by Soap and Glory that I tried, and my skin was so sore after!  This one is supposed to be a lot more gentle on the skin, with lots of essential oils and no harsh gritty bits!  I’m excited to give it a go!

The PIXY Bath Bombs

Pixy Natural Skincare Bath Bomb

These Bath Bombs are absolutely gorgeous smelling.  They all contain Honey Powder which is great for softening and cleansing the skin.  Some of them also have a little bit of cosmetic glitter too – which is exciting – I love glitter!  I’m dying to use the Coconut one – it smells amazing and it has the glitter!  They are also a really decent size and have a price point of 3.45EUR – which I think is really good!

Lastly, it’s the Bath Muffins

Pixy Natural Skincare Bath Muffin

How cute are these?!  I love them!  Unfortunately these aren’t available to buy separately online at the moment, but you can buy them in a gift set of 3 online!

These are just so cute, I’m in love with them!  The three I have here are Bedtime,  Honey and Juicy Fruit!  They all contain Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter so they are super moisturising for the skin and smell gorgeous!

That’s it for the PIXY Haul!  I hope you enjoyed it and you give this brand a try.  Click here to see Irish stockists of the brand.

I have also done a video, where I do lots of sniffing of these products and you can see that HERE.

Thanks for reading! x




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