How To Ombré Hair at Home – Tried and Tested Tips!

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Before I Ombréd my hair, I was on blogs and YouTube all the time trying to pick up some tips.  Now, people ask me questions about it a lot – which is LOVELY and very flattering!  So, today I thought I’d do a post about DIY Ombré – what to expect, my tried and tested tips and the products I use!


  1. If you have been dying your hair black or a shade of brown – your hair will more than likely turn out orange if you try to bleach it.  I say this from personal experience – it was a disaster
  2. If you are a Brunette, and you’re looking to achieve a very blonde look, it will take time and you’ll need to do it more than once.  Don’t be disappointed the first time you do it!
  3. Mistakes and “stripey” bits happen – especially with thick hair!  Don’t worry, that can always be fixed later!  If you wear your hair curly or wavey it’s easier to disguise mistakes!
  4. If you decide to do it, tell yourself that you just want a change for your hair rather than deciding exactly how you want it to turn out.  That way you CAN’T be disappointed!


1.  First Application of Dye/Bleach

Last year I did one application of the L’Oreal Wild Ombré. The look was very, very subtle – a kind of copper colour and I’m pretty sure nobody realised I had actually done it.

So this year I knew, if I wanted to get a “blonde” Ombré look, I would need to do it a number of times.  I still had some of those copper tones from last year.  You can see what that looked like below:

Before Ombre

2.  Second Application

Second time, I was willing to be a little more “adventurous” in that I left the mixture on for longer than it said to.  (I’ve been told by hairdressers you can leave it in for 10 mins longer!)  That really helped to lighten the hair, there were still those orangey/brassy tones but it definitely looked blonder.  There were also some pieces that were SO blonde compared to the rest!  You can see this below:


3. Use Products Designed for Bleached/Highlighted Hair:

THEN I started using a Purple shampoo – a shampoo designed for bleached hair that gets rid of those “ginger” and yellow tones.  This helped so much, honestly I wish this had existed when I decided it was a good idea to dye my hair blonde when I was younger!  You can see all the products I started using here.

4.  Final Application of Dye/Bleach

A couple of weeks later I did it again, as there were still a few stripey patches that I wanted to get rid of.  I mainly applied it to the ends and after this I had achieved the look I was going for.  You can see my “How To” for L’Oreal Feria Extreme Ombré here.  It’s not perfect, but I don’t mind!  I’m happy with it!  This is what it looked like after:

Ombre Hair

I’ve continued to use the purple shampoo and as a result a lot of people ask me if I’ve bleached it again!  So I highly recommend that you change your haircare routine to include products that are designed for bleached hair – they really make a difference!

I really hope this was useful if you’re looking to do a DIY Ombré at home!  Let me know if you try it!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “How To Ombré Hair at Home – Tried and Tested Tips!

  1. Gorgeous, really suits you! I did the Loreal Ombre Kit last year…my hair is very dark with red undertones and the kit made my hair orange!!! I cried and cried lol! Even a brown dye still left it orange! I haven’t dared dye my hair since haha! x


    • Haha aww Yaz! Yeah, I used to dye my hair black and decided to go blonde… I said no to the hairdresser “stripping” it … Big mistake haha! Super orange! Luckily all the black has finally grown out!! X


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