Beauty Haul May 2014: Boots and Tesco

Beauty Haul

I have a beauty haul!  I never have these so I thought I’d share!  I finally managed to pick up one or two new things on recommendations, which I am super excited about trying out!

Hair L'oreal Lee Stafford

After reading AllRosie’s review of this here, I had to pick up the Lee Stafford HAiR GRowTH TREaTMENT!  It’s supposed to help ‘hair that never grows past a certain length’, and I’m probably flogging a dead horse with this one, (because my hair just really needs a cut), but she made it sound REALLY GOOD!  Fingers crossed this works for me too!

I also picked up another bottle of L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore 5 Extreme conditioner.  I talked about it in my January favourites here, and it’s just so good I had to go back to it!

L'Oreal Collection Essie Boots

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB.  I love this stuff so much.  I ran out and started using my Clinique as my everyday makeup, but my skin just can’t handle anything more than ‘barely there’ coverage.  I had all these little breakouts and I didn’t feel as comfortable – it was a sad couple of weeks haha.  This is my fourth time repurchasing it, and I am so happy with it – it’s worth every penny and a little goes a long way!  Read about it in my January Favourites.

Collection Cosmetics Extreme 24hfelt tip liner.  This is a new one for me.  I went looking for a felt/gel tip pen liner for a cat-eye, because I am absolutely atrocious at doing them!  I’ve heard the pens make it a lot easier, so I thought I’d try one out! I was planning on getting either the Soap and Glory SuperCat or the Maybelline Lasting Drama Pen but then I spotted this one!  It’s a 3rd of the price of the Maybelline, and Collection has yet to let me down, so I picked it up instead!

Essie Turquoise and Caicos.  Ok, not really ‘makeup’, but I’m absolutely loving this colour at the moment!  I’ve already tried it and reviewed it here.  It lasts SO LONG!  I get up to so much with my toddler that I chip and break nails ALL THE TIME, but this withstands it all.  Go Essie!

I also picked up these Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Makeup Removal Pads.  I’ll just tell you now – these are useless, do not buy them.  I won’t even go in to how bad these are, but when something describes itself as being for sensitive skin – my eyes shouldn’t feel like they’re on fire!

LASTLY, and most importantly because it’s just so amazing – Baking Soda!  It’s an essential.  Read all of the AMAZING things this can do for your hair, skin and nails HERE!

Body Radox Garnier Mitchum

During the summer I prefer to use a lightweight moisturiser, my usual preference is the Nivea Firming Lotion, but I picked up this Garnier Body Tonic Lotion instead.  It’s also supposed to be firming, and there’s definitely something in it that makes the skin feel ‘tight’ straight away, but it smells gorgeous too!  It’s half price in Tesco at €3.49 at the moment!

Mitchum Stick Roll On Antiperspirant.  This is a weird one to put in, but there’s something so much better about these stick deos.  My skin is in such better condition using these!  I saw this in a Travel Bag haul once (because you can take it on a plane), and I tried it out.  It’s all I ever use now, I love it and it smells like baby powder!

  Radox Mango Mayhem Shower Gel.  I LOVE fruity, citrus smells and this stuff is GORGEOUS.  After the one I used when Devin was born, this is my favourite shower gel ever!  If you’re anything like me and you love these kind of scents you NEED to buy this – it’s only €1.29 in Tesco at the moment!

Frette Sorrento Diffuser

Okay, this last one isn’t beauty, and I didn’t buy it myself.  I got it as a birthday present from Devin (Noel picked it).  The Frette Sorrento Reed Diffuser.  It’s ALSO in Tesco at the moment, you collect stickers and receive a discount on it.  It’s RRP is €41, but you can get it for €12.99.  I have it in the living room, and it smells SO GOOD!  A couple of times I was sniffing my hair and my clothes, thinking ‘Damn I smell good’, but no – it was the air freshner!  It’s Fig and Jasmine and it’s DELIGHTFUL!

Thanks so much for reading, if you’ve been beauty hauling recently share your links!!

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