How I Met Your Father (pt4) – What Happened in Vegas!

By the time Noel’s birthday came around we were officially a couple.  We were super coupley – we had conversations about marriage and babies and life and all those “couple” things!  We learned a lot about each other really quickly, and we seemed to agree on so much!

For his birthday, his family had arranged a dinner, and his friends were invited too.  It was pretty awesome actually, it was at a teppanyaki restaurant – it was sooo good!!

Afterwards, his friends came back to the apartment and that’s when I officially met them!  I loved them, and they all claim to have liked me at the time, but I guess you’ll have to ask all your uncles about that yourself!

As a birthday present, Noel got a flight to Vegas.  He was supposed to be going with other friends but that fell through, and seemed to really he wanted me to go with him instead.

Noel had this effect on me, I just said  “yes” to things!  I was normally quite a rational thinking person, but I just became someone else around him!  Vegas sounded amazing and fun and I knew I had to do it, so we arranged to go in the middle of October!

What Happens In Vegas

After such a short time if being an official couple, people said we were too new of a couple to travel so far together!  But I was completely in love with him, I felt as if I’d known him my whole life!

People who knew us well could see how happy we were!  Nana S and Nana A were at us, telling us that we better not ‘elope’ in Vegas!  They said they wanted to be able to ‘buy a hat’ — look how that turned out 😉

Just seeing Vegas was amazing, the bright lights, the buzz, the people, the fun – everything is 24/7!  It was just the most fun ever!  Grandad A had got us a helicopter ride for the Grand Canyon too – which was breathtaking!  I even rode my first ever roller coaster – yep, daddy got me over my fear!!

Noel had booked us a dinner for the second night we were there, 18th October 2010.  He’d told me beforehand (while we were still in Ireland), that it was going to be “nice”…  I kinda wish I’d realised just how nice it was going to be – haha I would’ve made a much bigger effort!!

We went to Mix in THEhotel.  He’s so romantic 😉 and the food was so good!  But something was up with your dad, he didn’t eat very much …

Out from his pocket he pulled a little box from Rocks.  I was in shock.  I wasn’t even sure what was going on, I was half expecting him to show me earrings or something!  He opened the box and in it was my engagement ring.

“Will you marry me?”

I was in shock.  I was so full of emotion.  I pulled his hands under the table –  I still hadn’t said anything- poor Noel was probably in agony waiting for me to answer …and OF COURSE, I said yes!

The rest if the evening is such a blur!  I remember butterflies in my tummy, and feeling like I was walking on air!  I knew I was going to marry him, and this made it real!

So, that’s what happened in Vegas!

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