How I Met Your Father – The Meet-Cute

How I Met Your Father

When your father and I first met, it was definitely not love at first sight!  I was working in a shop right around the corner from where he worked.

One day, Noel came in to get a drink.  I was in the back doing something when I saw him on CCTV queuing, waiting for the staff member at the till, Jon, to serve him.  A couple of minutes later, he was still standing there.  Jon was chatting to someone, so I went out to serve Noel, and of course, to glare at Jon!

“Next please!” I had called.  I figured he must not have heard me because all he was  looking around – up at the ceiling, then the carpets and pretty much anywhere but at me!  I called out again. And again.

“I’m, just eh…waiting” He had said, shuffling on his feet and sheepishly pointing a finger at Jon.

Another one of Jon’s friends coming in for a chat, I rolled my eyes and went into the back.  I could hear their muffled conversation, he wasn’t even there for a chat – he was there as a customer!

After he left I went out to Jon.

“What did your friend want?”
“My friend? That was Noel”
“Who is Noel?”
“You sell him a drink everyday, he works in the garage next-door!” He told me.
“What did he want?”
“He was just asking about Xbox”
“What?! Why couldn’t he ask me?”
“Probably, because you’re a girl.”

My blood was boiling, I may have never noticed this guy, “Noel”, before but I would certainly remember him now!


Days or weeks passed, I’m not even sure but it was busy in work and one of the staff was leaving, so we needed a replacement.

CVs came pouring in, one of which was Noel’s.  He made it through the selection process – basically, he didn’t have his hobbies listed as “drinking, going out, having a laugh” and he had worked in retail before!

I wasn’t involved in the recruitment at all, but when it came down to it being between him and another guy, I was asked what I thought.

Since our first meeting, any face to face encounters I had with Noel played out like a scene from “Walter Mitty”, where I basically screamed at him for being sexist or punched him, or something equally as crazy.

Working with him was NOT something I wanted at all.  But I had to be honest, on paper he looked better for the job.  I had worked as a car valet/detailer years before, I knew it was hard work and I figured, (since he was doing that same job around the corner), he’d have a strong worth ethic!

Well…Daddy got the job!

Read part 2 HERE

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