How I Met Your Father (pt2) – A Fishtank and Post-it

My apartment was only a few minutes drive from work.  It was a great apartment – top floor, great view looking out over the sea, and too expensive for me to rent alone!

Before moving there I was going to get a house share with people I didn’t know, but decided against it when Jon in work announced that he too was looking to move!  So Jon had been my housemate for 6 months or so.

The people in the apartment below us were moving out, and I heard Noel was looking to get it.  Noel’s dad lived in the same block, and had obviously let him know about the upcoming vacancy!

Panic set in, there was no doubt that if Noel got the apartment, Jon would be having him up for ‘man dates’ the whole time.  I wouldn’t be able to hang around in my pjs, you know, and just be comfortable!

Well, Noel got the apartment!  And as I had feared, a few days later he was in my apartment when I came home from work.  I exchanged a “hi” and then went to my room for the evening.

It turned into pretty much every night that he was there, eventually I just got used to it and went about my evenings as normal – I’d be in the room with them while I was on my laptop, I got over the uncomfortable thing too, I was in sweatpants with messy hair most of the time!

A few weeks later in work, Noel told me that he had found out that my birthday had passed without him knowing, and Jon’s was coming up too, so he had a gift for us.  That was probably the longest conversation we’d had yet.

That night he showed up with a fishtank!  I think the fishtank broke the ice, because that’s when we started talking to each other….all the time!

As the months went on, Noel and I got to know each other better, and we became great friends.  Looking back, I don’t remember a time when we weren’t laughing!  We had “in-jokes”, and I’m certain we annoyed everyone around us.  Jon joked that Noel was like my “gay best friend”!

We were HAPPY with each other!  Family members, on both sides, talked about how happy we both were and wanted to know why!  People in work – the new store manager, asked if we were a couple(?!)  Upon finding out that we weren’t, he said that we should be!!

One thing we talked about a lot was our cars, I drove an Alfa, he drove and Audi – we both loved our cars, probably a little too much!  We always argued about whose was better (it was mine, obv).  Anyway, in a panic one evening, I realised I hadn’t topped up my oil after several long trips!  My car went through so much oil, but my obsession with checking it was definitely a little OCD!  The next day, I woke up to a post-it on my car windscreen that read, “Oil!”  I had the biggest smile on my face as I checked that dipstick.

It was Noel’s writing – and I’m pretty sure that was the moment I knew I was falling in love with your daddy!

You can read part one HERE

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