Product Review: L’Oreal SuperLiner Brow Artist Pencil

Today I’m reviewing the L’Oreal SuperLiner Brow Artist in 003 Brunette!  I am a big fan of brow palettes, as I prefer a more natural look.  Using a pencil can often give a drawn on, greasy effect – I hate that!  Last time I went looking for a new palette though, there was none in stock!  I was looking for one of the budget friendly ones, and the girls in the pharmacy were raving about this pencil so I gave it a go!


eal super liner brow artisteal super liner brow artist
SuperLiner Brow Artist is L’Oréal’s first 3-in-1 eye brow pencil:

1. Draw and intensify with the coloured pencil.
2. Shape with the soft brush tip to discipline your arch
3. Fix your brow look with the clear wax based formula.


The pencil is very pigmented, so I use a very light touch.  I basically just do each brow in 4 steps!

eal super liner brow artist

1. Use the brush in an upward motion to shape.

2.  Fill in any obvious gaps with the pencil, and define the arch.

3.  Using short upward strokes with the pencil, I fill in the start of the brow.  I think too strong a colour here, looks very unnatural!

4. Finish with the wax to hold everything in place!


As I said, I like a natural look so here are my before and after pics.  Not a huge difference but definitely look more defined to me, maybe you need to zoom haha!


What do you think of eyebrow pencils, would you try this one?  Let me know what you think!

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