How To Ombré Hair (using L’Oréal Féria Extreme Ombré)

L'Oreal Féria Extreme Ombré By Préférence

I’ve just done my hair again, this time I’ve used  L’Oréal Féria Extreme Ombré  in E01 “Extreme Blonde Ombré”.  I have to say, I’m impressed!   I don’t normally have great things to say about DIY home dyes, but my hair felt really good after using this!

L'Oreal Féria Extreme Ombré By Préférence
1. Lightening Powder

2. Developer and Applicator

3.  Lightening Crème

4. Conditioning Shampoo

5. Colourist Gloves

6. Expert Brush



1. Applying the Product!

I split my hair into sections and only take down what I need.  When I’m done with a section, I tie it back loosely.  Using the ‘Expert Brush’, I comb the product through each section.  The brush leaves distinct lines of product, I recommend leaving it like this, as it makes the transition look nicer – rather than an obvious straight line!  See photo below:

L'Oréal Féria Extreme Ombré

For the ends on my hair, I use the product directly on the gloves and work it into the hair.  I like the ends to be considerably lighter than the top and this is how I get that result!

L'Oréal Féria Extreme Ombré

2.  Decide what development time is best (25-45min)

That is my genuine thinking face up there – haha!  Funny what I find out about myself by watching back footage!  Anyway, I went with 30 mins!

3.  Remove Some Product before rinsing:

I checked the bits I hadn’t previously coloured – the bits around my face.  I was satisfied with the lightening on them so I knew I was ready to rinse.

4. Rinsed, Shampooed, Conditioned

I rinsed my hair with hot water, and then I washed it with my normal shampoo.  Then I used the Conditioning Shampoo!  Then I used a deep conditioner.  I just like to be nice to my hair after putting it through all that stress haha!


OmbreHairL'Oréal Féria Extreme Ombré

Excuse the ‘before’…it’s a still from YouTube haha!

Ok, I don’t know if it’s down to the Nutri-ceramide conditioning shampoo, or what!  But my hair was so silky smooth and lovely feeling after I dried it!  When does this ever happen after bleaching your hair?

I was very happy with the overall colour, it’s not a HUGE difference, I just wanted to fill in the gaps and even it out from the last time I’d Ombréd it, and it really did the job for me.  There is obviously some brassiness on the parts that hadn’t been touched before, which can be toned down with Purple Shampoo.  Click here to see my Ombré Hair Care post.

If you’re thinking about doing this to your hair, I say GO FOR IT!  It’s something different, it doesn’t have to look perfect and it doesn’t have to look super blonde either!  Just tell yourself that you want to look different after doing it, and don’t have a picture in your mind of what it should look like and you’ll be delighted!  It’s only hair 😉

Thanks for reading!

19 thoughts on “How To Ombré Hair (using L’Oréal Féria Extreme Ombré)

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  2. Reblogged this on (123) Missy Megan and commented:
    I am looking to re-ombre my hair after two years and letting it completely grown out. I originally got it done at a professional salon, and now? I would really like to try it on my own! I plan on using her experience and steps in order to guide myself throughout his hair changing process!


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  4. That looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to do the ombré for quite some time now, but can’t afford to get it done professionally. I have sort of dirty (darker) blonde hair (actually, it’s a little lighter than your natural color), but don’t want too much of a “bleached” look when I do it. Is there a color you’d recommend? Which color did you use (I don’t remember seeing which one you used, if you mentioned it!). Actually, I think if my hair turned out the way yours did, I’d be super happy with it! I’m also thinking of cutting some bangs, as well. After dying my hair black for so long and finally getting back to my natural color after 10 years of doing that, I want to do the least amount of damage possible to my hair (which is on the thin side as it is). My hair is also just a tad shorter than yours is. Any advice would be much appreciated! Sorry for such a long post! 🙂


    • Hi Camille, the colour I used here is L’Oreal FERIA Extreme Ombré (not Wild Ombré) in E01 which is Extreme Blonde. The lighter your hair the better it will look, if you still had the black in your hair it would be coppery and orange but you will definitely get a blonder look. This one is gentle enough on the hair, as far as bleaching goes! You may end up doing it and then doing it again in a couple of weeks. I have a YouTube video : where I talk about caring for bleached hair …. Shampoos, deep conditioners, heat protection etc. I used to dye my hair black too (back when that was cool 😎) and I swear my bleached hair is the best condition it’s ever been in. I hope this helps xx


      • Thank you! That does help a lot! I was wondering (if you knew) that because my hair has red undertones if the color will turn out “brassy” or have any red tint to it. I want it to be blonde like how yours turned out (it’s gorgeous!). Is it normally a process you have to do twice, like you mentioned in your answer?


      • If you want blonde results without the golden hues it needs to be done twice. I’ve done mine several times. Some people just do it to get a coppery colour, so they’d only do it once. If you have red undertones it is possible, but just start using purple shampoo straight away and it will tone it for you x


  5. I love the last part of this tutorial the most – “tell yourself you want to look different and don’t have anything specific in mind”. It’s very wabi sabi. (:

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  6. Heya I already had my hair all highlighted but I wanted the ends to be super light blonde so used this product. It definitely lightened it and gave some of the strands a platinum tone (as I also had traces of a previous ombre in my hair). However, I still have the impression that some bits (that were sort of darker blonde) have a bit of a mild orange hue in them now (barely noticeable but they still irritate me), so I am planning to buy another Feria box and re-do it in a couple of days. Do you think that would help sort it out? I really don’t want to end up having to buy and use loads of toners, it’s way too high maintenance for me haha x
    Also, it’s definitely not pure orange or ultra brassy, but to me the tones are quite obvious because I know how I want it to look like.


    • Hi, sorry for the late reply! I would stick to purple shampoo… There’s one called Touch of Silver which is very good, you leave it in for five minutes … The other is my favourite which is the one by Lee Stafford – harder to get your hands on. It will just gradually tone it down to what you are looking for 😉


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