Beauty: How To Clean Make-Up Sponges

I thought I’d share this quick beauty tip, as I’ve found this to be the most effective way of cleaning my makeup sponges!  It’s really easy, and you do it all in the kitchen!  Read on to find out an easy way to clean makeup sponges!


  • Put some hot water into your kitchen sink with a dishwasher tablet (the generic ones work just as well)!
  • Throw your sponges in and let them soak for a few moments before squeezing the makeup out of them.  After a few squeezes run the sponge under the tap and as you squeeze, the water should run clear.
  • Then put your sponges in the microwave for three minutes to disinfect them and kill any bacteria!
  • Let them air dry, and then you’ve got lovely clean sponges!

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