#BringBackPlay – Tackling Childhood Obesity with Safefood.eu


This is going to make me sound really old, but I’m going to say it anyway – life isn’t what it was when I was a kid!  We used to go outside and play all day long, we didn’t WANT to be inside!  My mom made every single meal from scratch.  Fast Food was a treat – (as in a few times a year kind of treat!)  I never, ever, ate a meal in front of the TV…EVER!  We did bob-a-jobs for pocket money – like washing Dad’s car.  We were dragged out on Sunday walks too haha!  (I appreciate that now)  But I was a happy kid, and I was active!

Safefood have recently launched a new campaign called “Bring Back Play“, tackling childhood obesity.  When you actually see the statistics from their research – it’s a reality check!  I am suddenly aware of all the bad habits I’m creating for my son, and how I am actually the reason that his life isn’t going to be like it was for me!

A few of those figures:

  • 1 in 4 children is overweight or obese
  • Parents find it difficult to recognise that their child’s weight is not healthy
  • 4/5 children in the Republic of Ireland do not meet Government Physical Activity Guidelines of 60 mins a day!
  • Preschool children watch an average of 2 hours 9 minutes television a day
  • 34% of preschool children have a TV in their bedroom!!!
  • Many children do not meet the dietary recommendations for fruit and vegetables, saturated fat or sugar
  • 1/5 of the energy intake from a child’s diet comes from sugary drinks, biscuits, confectionery, chocolate and cake.  For More, Please see: Safefood.eu

I look at these figures and immediately I know, I’m guilty! I know I have to do some serious screen weaning!!  Fruit and Veg is an issue too!  But it’s not too late to change it!  I’m now making a conscious effort to be more like my own parents!!

I’m consciously getting outside time, whether it’s a walk or a play in the back yard.  We’re running around with a ball or dancing.  As for food – ‘treats’ aren’t going to be as readily available!

Safefood have some great tips for parents:

GETTING ACTIVE:  Replace screen time with active games – think about the games that you used to play!  Click Here for Game Ideas!

SIX EASY STEPS to tackle childhood obesity – Including portion control, reducing sugary drinks, activities, screen time and sleep time!  Click here to see those!

Visit Safefood.eu for information, tips and ideas how to #BringBackPlay with your kids!!

As always, Thanks for Reading!!

2 thoughts on “#BringBackPlay – Tackling Childhood Obesity with Safefood.eu

  1. Well said! We are outside a lot but the winter just gone was chronic and it’s something I have to remind myself of….when we’re stuck inside we need to keep moving.


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