Review: Favourite Baby / Toddler Products!

With so many Baby / Toddler  products out there to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones to pick!  I always find it’s easier when I’ve heard another parent’s review of the product, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourites!

The NUK Genius Soother (AKA The Life Saver):

Nuk Genius Soother

I never expected to use a soother with my son.  I never had one when I was little.  But when he was finding comfort in sucking on people’s fingers it was suggested to us that we use a Soother! We tried a couple of brands at the same time and Nuk is the one that he seemed to like best!  He was suddenly so calm and peaceful!  The Genius soother is super soft and has an orthodontic shape to promote good oral health.

Nuk Nasal Decongester:

Nuk Nasal Decongester
I remember when Devin would catch a cold or get a stuffy nose I always felt sooo sorry for him!  He could barely breathe – because he obviously couldn’t blow his nose himself!!  This is very effective – it’s a really quick process once you get the hang of it!

Nuby iMonster No Spill Sippy Cup

iMonster Cup

How cute is this cup?  I got one of these for my nephew he loved it, and apparently he was a lot more keen on drinking!  When I started having issues getting my own little monster to drink water I got him one too – it worked!

Nuby Flexi Straw Beaker

Nuby Flexi Straw

This is a great ‘transition’ beaker.  It can be used without the straw from 9 months, and with the straw from 12 months.  I used it with a regular straw at first as it’s difficult for younger ones to get the hang of it.  Once he was confident using a straw I switched it back and now he uses it all the time!

TommeeTippee Closer to Nature Easi-vent Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

If you are combination feeding, or pumping so daddy can feed too – these bottles are great!  Again I tried a couple of different bottles, but he wouldn’t take them!  This type apparently ‘Encourages natural feeding “just like mum”‘ …I found that he took straight to these and there was no confusion whatsoever!

Character Plate and Cutlery Set:

Mickey Mouse Cuttlery

We have Mickey Mouse, and seriously, this made such a difference when it came to dinner time!  We’ve always had a fussy eater, but when he got this set from my Mom he was A LOT more interested in dinner!  He was feeding himself and trying new foods – I highly recommend this if you have a fussy eater!

Hope this list helped someone to make a baby shopping decision!  Thanks for reading!


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