Penneys / Primark Haul April 2014

Primark Haul April 2014

I went shopping again!  I had said in my previous haul, that I’d seen a couple of things but didn’t end up getting them!  So I went back and got those, and also picked up a few accessories and some beauty products for my mom and mom-in-law, and a couple of t-shirts for NC!  Read to the end for GIVEAWAY details.

Primark Haul


I love the long vests that Primark do.  I wear them under everything.  They are an extremely affordable price of just €5 and last for ages!

I also picked up the black tee that I’m wearing in the photos on this post, which was €3.50 


I purchased these two statement necklaces.  The first one is silver with mint green ‘stone’ embellishments.  The second is a simple silver piece with two curved bars.  I chose these as they aren’t too much for an everyday look!  Statement necklaces are a great way to make an, otherwise simple outfit, look a lot nicer!  These necklaces start from €5!

Primark Necklaces

I also got some hair accessories!  As you know, I am a mommy and it’s sometimes hard to find time to wash and style my hair!  Go to style = messy bun + hair band.  I got this super cute gold and mint green headband (€2) – it can be worn across the forehead with hair down, or as a band to keep the little “flyers” back as I do below!

I picked up a five pack of plastic headbands for €1.50 (I’ve already used one out of the pack below).

Primark Haul


Lastly I picked up two of the PS Nail Polishes @ €1.50 ea.  I don’t think the colours actually have names but I picked up the mint green and the coral!  (Anyone noticing a theme here?) I’ll probably do a review on the nail polishes once I’ve tried them out.

Primark Nail Polish

Gift Ideas

I bought a couple of products from the makeup/beauty range as part of our Mother’s Day presents!  I just think Primark is such a great place for buying gifts, between the homeware, PJs, Accesories and now beauty….you can’t go wrong!  So I thought I’d share some gift ideas here!

Primark Beauty


Mascara: Pretty much any woman would be happy to receive mascara as a gift – you can never have too many!  I’ve heard good things about this range so I thought I’d get some for our moms!

Blusher:  The PS range only seems to stock this one shade.  I think it’s probably one of those ‘flattering to all’ type colours, but again I haven’t tried it yet!

Nails:  These are only €1.50, and they have so many different types that you are bound to find something for “her”.  Both of our moms get their hands dirty – gardening is the main culprit I think!  But they both like the idea of having perfect looking nails – even if it is only for a couple of days!

Makeup Bags: There are so many makeup bags in store at moment – I got the two above as an alternative to gift bags.  I have about a million makeup bags and I’m using all of them!  Another one you can’t go wrong with

Jewellery: There are so many cute and simple pieces in at the moment.  This simple gold bracelet above was €1.50!

I know a lot of people like reading these hauls, and I’m considering doing a Primark Giveaway as a thank you for reading!  Leave comments below if that’s something you’d like to see here and I’ll get on it!

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