BEAUTY: Ombre Haircare Routine

I did my hair ombre again.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically where you have a lighter colour at the ends of your hair that “blend” to dark roots.

Here’s the before and after (excuse the make up free ‘after’):

photo 2(3)

I really like it, but it’s bleach – and no matter what way you look at it, bleach is bad for your hair.  So, to care for my newly coloured locks I needed to make some changes to my hair care routine.  If you have done something similar to your hair, or are thinking about doing it, read below to see how to care for bleached hair!

photo 1(3)

Purple Shampoo

Before I even coloured it, I bought purple shampoo.  Purple shampoos are great for highlighted/bleached hair because they help to stop it from going that brassy “ginger” colour.  Some people are skeptical about whether or not this actually works but I’ve seen people before and after using it and I’m convinced!  The best ones to go for are the deep purple ones and it shouldn’t look transparent!  I chose the Lee Stafford BLEAch BLondes SHaMPOO

photo 3(3)

This shampoo is “to lightly tone, refresh and restore your blonde hair to salon beautiful colour…knocking out brassy, yellow tones”

It specifically says on the bottle to only use this shampoo once a week, I think this is because it could end up looking too ashy!  So I’ll just use my normal shampoo on the other days.

I have to say I thought this shampoo was going to smell awful!  I don’t know why, I think because it looks so weird haha!  But it smells really good, the tag line on all the Lee products ends with ‘smell beautiful’ so I think that’s definitely worth mentioning!

Deep Conditioner

photo 4(1)

My hair is dry, damaged and frizzy so I knew bleaching it was going to make it a million times worse! So I got this Charles Worthington Longer & Stronger hair masque to give my locks a little TLC.

It’s supposed to enhance strength of damaged hair and increase resistance to breakage.  It is also SAFE for colour treated hair!  This is really just for the bleached parts of my hair as I find deep conditioners can make my roots super oily, super quickly.

The smell of it are reminds me of one of the Sanctuary body butters they don’t make anymore – which is a huge plus because I looooove that smell!

Heat Defence Spray

I have always been the worst offender when it comes to not using heat protection!  I know I really need it now with bleached hair so I got one from Tresemme.

The Tresemme heat defence products seem to be really popular in the beauty world!  I honestly seem to see them everywhere at the moment – even my mom uses it at the moment!  I chose this one because it has heat protection up to 230 oC, and I always use my hairdryer on the hottest setting so I need that!  Secondly it has UV filters and, you know, it’s not just your skin that the sun can damage!!

So now I just need to STICK to this updated routine – or my hair will hate me!!  Wish me luck 🙂

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Ombre Haircare Routine

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  3. to get my hair looking like how yours did the third time you dyed I could just leave it in for…45 min? my hair is a medium brown color


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