Beauty: Is My Make-Up Out Of Date?

Every now and then I do a clear out of makeup and other cosmetics to make sure nothing is out of date!  Usually, it’s because I’ve used a foundation or liquid eyeliner (the worst offender!!), and I find it’s stinging my face or eyes.  I never knew why I was getting breakouts or eye irritations before discovering this!  When I’ve told people about this they never seem to know what I’m talking about so I thought I’d share it!

There are a few different websites you can use to do this, the one I use is  I have examples down the bottom if this page.

It is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll quickly run through it here too.  Basically, all of your cosmetics – makeup, moisturisers, perfumes even shampoo – have a batch code.  This batch code refers to the date that it was manufactured.

Going by when the product was produced, the website I mentioned above will tell you when it’s due to go out of date.  Provided you haven’t kept the products in direct sunlight or a warm place etc it’s pretty accurate!

Just a note: I’ve noticed with a lot of perfumes and high-end products the batch number is on the box it came with.

In general you can use the following guide to see when a product is going out of date:

Perfumes: 3 years max
Powders/Eye Shadow: 1-3 years (higher end products will last longer)
Foundation: 1-3 years
Mascara: 3-6 months
Liquid eyeliner: 3-4 months (Told you it was the worst offender!!)
Concealer: 1 year
Lip Products: 1 year
Pencils: 1 year max
Nail polish: 1 year
Sun Cream: 1 year
Face/Eye Creams:  6-10 months

So, here are some examples with my own products to show you where to find the batch code:


photo 3(4)

This is actually the box of the first perfume Noel bought me haha!  I use it to keep “secret” things 😉 (memories and stuff)

This batch code refers to a manufacturing date of 28 July 2010. Perfumes generally have a shelf life of 36 months so THIS would be out of date if I still had it!

photo 2(5)

This one came from 22 Oct 2013 so there’s still a good 32 months in this one! (It will NEVER last that long!)


photo 1(4)


I purchased this last summer and only used it once, but it was reduced when I got it so I was worried it might have been close to it’s use by date!  I know bronzing products sometimes only have a life of 6 months once opened so I was a little worried!  This batch code shows it was manufactured in April 2013 so that means there’s 2 years left in this one… But as there’s a self tanner in it I’m not so sure!  I’ll probably never use it again anyway!!


photo 4(2)

This is one that I tried the other day and I knew immediately that there was something wrong!  It was stinging my skin and felt awful!  Turns out it’s out of date since November! OOPS!

photo 5(1)
This code shows that there’s a possible 1 month left in this!  I will probably be getting rid of this now anyway because there’s something not quite right about the scent of it at the moment and I don’t want to risk any break outs!

Shampoo and Conditioner:

I don’t ever hang on to shampoo or conditioner long enough to worry about it’s expiry but I’m just including this photo to show where to look!

photo 1(5)

And this one is just show how little Devin was helping me with my photos today 😉

photo 2(4)

Hope this helped 🙂  Thanks for reading 🙂

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