First Date…In 16 Months!

20140116-204729.jpgLast night was our first date in a year and 4 months!! Of course, we have gone places together, we got married even! We just haven’t actually gone anywhere together…alone!

Who else has this happened to? You have a baby, and suddenly life just isn’t as simple as it used to be! It’s not that your life is over, or it’s not fun… it’s just that things were so much easier to plan before!

In case you’re wondering, we had such a great night – we went to Nando’s (haha, my choice) and we watched a movie. I had wanted to take photos, but dinner was so yummy I wolfed it down and completely forgot! Also we were chatting away and having such a nice evening I didn’t even think to get a photo of the two of us! Oops!

We would really like to start doing this more often though! If you’re a parent how do you manage date night, what do you do? It’d be great to make it a more regular thing – fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “First Date…In 16 Months!

  1. I’m a bad example – we do a bit of stuff separately then often when we get the chance we go out together and meet other friends. We tried to go out last night but realised by 4pm both of us would fall asleep in the cinema, and stare at each other zombie tired if we went for a meal. Must try again! Well done you on managing both 🙂


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