A Very Happy New Year – With A “Good Things” Jar

I’ve come to love New Year’s Eve. Not for the reasons I did when I was younger – the parties, the makeup and so on. What I love now, is that it’s a great time to reflect on the year that’s been and also set some goals for the year to come.

20131231-183351.jpgThis year was Devin’s first year, and in that sense it’s been an amazing year for me. Parenthood is a learning curve and this time last year I was a completely different person! He has taught me so much and being his mother has been the most rewarding job I could have ever imagined.

This year, I also married my soul mate, my best friend, amazing father of our son, the love of my life! We began our happily ever after this year and finally became an official family!!

It was also a difficult year for our little family, we faced a lot of challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the good things that have happened, for me anyway, and often times I let the bad outweigh the good!

I have set myself some goals for this year, there are things I want to do and I feel really positive about it! This is going to be a good year, I know it will be because of Devin – 14 months and unstoppable – he will be keeping me on my toes. And because of Noel, my rock, how can it not be a good year when we have each other?

Just to be sure though, that I remember all the good things that happen this year, I will be keeping a “good things” Jar. If you don’t know what this is, you get an empty jar and label it “Good Things”. Throughout the year, fill it with the good things that happen! Next New Years Eve you open the jar and look back at all the amazing things that happened during the year!

Here’s mine (Ignore the handwriting!!):


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