BEAUTY REVIEW: Soap & Glory Girl-O-Whirl!

I received this set as a gift, and thought I’d do a review while it’s still looking fresh! I absolutely adore it and it’s a perfect purchase if you have not yet used the Soap and Glory makeup range, as there’s a little bit of everything in it! Everything in it is full size, except the lip colours!

What’s Inside:

• 6 Lid Stuff eyeshadows. These are beautifully pigmented, 8 hour wear, no crease/ no cake shadows. I’ve got a swatch showing three of them here. The metallic colours are really amazing, and I’m excited to try some new looks with these!

• 6 Supercolour fabulipsticks. I’ve yet to try these, as I’m a little shy when it comes to lipstick, and don’t wear it very often! But if the rest of the set is anything to go by, I’d say I will soon!!

• Thick & Fast Super Volume mascara. I’ve said before I’m incredibly fussy about mascara – but this stuff is a best seller for a reason!
I’m wearing one coat of it in the photo at the bottom of the page. It’s very natural looking, adding both length and volume without “clumpiness” — everything you want in a mascara!! AND IT’S FULL SIZE!

• Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick in Nudist. This is also full size, and I cannot believe I haven’t tried this before now! This lip crayon is amazing. It glides on, it’s super-moisturising, it smells delicious, it’s not at all sticky and it looks SUPER glossy. Also wearing this in my little photo 😉 I can’t say enough about how great this product is!

• Solar Powder multi-shade bronzer. This is beautiful, it’s a shimmery highlighter and bronzer in one! I have it on my cheeks in the photo, it is incredibly long wearing! I think it looks quite natural and it seems like the type of bronzer that suits many skin tones too as it’s “build-able”! Very impressed with this!

• Glow All Out luminising face powder. Haven’t tried this highlighter yet – but I have swatched it and it looks beautiful. I used the Solar Powder – which has a highlighter in it too, so both aren’t necessary at the same time.

• THREE Handy Travel Size brushes:
Eyeshadow brush
Lip brush
Blusher brush

I absolutely love this gift set, if you haven’t tried it already, get your hands on it in the post Christmas sales!! It’s amazing!!


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