Review: Tesco Online Shopping! PLUS an eCoupon for €20 off!!

OK I’m just going to admit it, when Noel and I go grocery shopping together, I actually enjoy it. Before we had a baby we even used to meet after work and do the shopping together! But doing the shopping just me and Devin? That’s a whole different thing!

Is it just me or can trips to the supermarket with your children be really embarrassing? I know, I know, I shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks yada yada yada. But I hate those disapproving glares and head shakes from onlookers as my son screams at the top of his lungs while I offer distractions with one hand and attempt to push the trolley around with the other (which BTW, is always the one with wonky wheels).  Anyway, I get so worked up over it that I inevitably go home forgetting something and then of course I’m in an even bigger pisser!

So THAT is why I gave Tesco online shopping a go! Here’s how it went:

As far as I remember registration was pretty quick and hassle free.  I say this because I actually made a Tesco account about a year ago but I don’t remember there being any issues at all!  I’ve also linked my Tesco clubcard to my account – this is handy as you can see your ‘favourites’ online.

Each week I buy pretty much the exact same things!  We meal plan, so when we go shopping we have a very specific list and only stick to that. Yet another thing that is very difficult to do if you have kids with you!  The ole pester power sets in – I even remember doing it to my own poor mother!! (Sorry Mom x)


So with my list in hand I sat down to the laptop to start my shopping.  I went about it in all the wrong ways! I tried to search for all my specific items and it was so difficult!  For example, I wanted tin foil. I looked for tin foil – nothing.  I looked for aluminium foil – nothing. Tesco call it “kitchen foil”.  This kind of thing kept happening!  About 45 minutes later I figured this wasn’t working!  I did my grocery shopping in store the next day!



So, this week I decided to give it another go.  This time, I downloaded the Tesco App.  Such a better idea!  The list (my shopping basket) I had made the week before had saved, most of which I no longer needed and ended up deleting.  But making my new list took no time at all.  As it turns out you can navigate the website in the exact same way that you do the App, so it’s the same whether you use your phone or your computer.  I ended up shopping by category and really narrowing down the search results to find exactly what I wanted.  For example you can click the “Baby” category and within this you can go to several different sub-categories, even as specific as “Wipes”.  It’s a great way of refining your search so you don’t have to scroll through a load of stuff you have no interest in buying!  I’ve included screen captures from the App below:



This way was so much quicker and I did it all on my phone at 10pm while watching TV!  The even better news is, the more often you do it – the quicker it is! (Your favourites are saved).  There’s also an option on some products to ‘see cheaper alternatives’ – sure, every little helps!

Anyway, I booked a delivery time (between 5pm and 7pm) this added €5 to my bill.  I proceeded to the checkout – at this point you enter your card details and also enter eCoupon/Tesco voucher discounts.  Silly me though – got it wrong and my discount didn’t go through!  Thankfully, you can actually go back in and edit your order!  I was allowed to edit mine until 4:14pm on the day of delivery!  You can add or remove from your basket, add coupons etc and you are not charged until your groceries have actually been delivered! Phew!

So, my groceries arrived at 5:10pm!  Right on time, the driver was very polite and carried the groceries into my kitchen for me to unpack, he hadn’t realised it was my first online shop until I was signing for payment.  I think this was because I didn’t really feel the need to ask any questions – the whole thing happens very quick and smoothly!  However, if you do let the driver know it’s your first shop he’ll explain everything to you!


*My Overall Thoughts*


  • Once you get the hang of the website or so your first shop it’s quick and easy!
  • No screaming kids
  • No pestering/unexpected bills
  • Complete control of how much you’re spending, with options to view cheaper alternatives too.
  • You’re not bombarded with ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ and 2for1 type offers that you don’t really need! However they do notify you offers you might have missed when you go to the checkout which you can either ignore or avail of if it suits!
  • You can do your shopping at ANY time and have it delivered up until 11pm!


  • It takes time to do the first shop! Give it a chance though and you figure out a way that really suits your style of shopping!
  • You can pick the product up and touch it before you buy it!
  1. It’s easy to forget to look at the size or weight of certain products. For example thinking you’re buying 500ml but it’s actually 200ml. Or the smaller packet of nappies!
  2. When it comes to fresh produce I felt I might get short dated products which I find is an issue in my local Tesco even when I’m doing the picking. However, online certain products have a guarantee if 2+ through to 8+ days on them!

So, that was my experience!  I would recommend it if you have similar anxieties when doing the shopping with the kids!  And as a little extra incentive I have an eCoupon code below for €20 off your first shop of €60 or more!

Give it a go, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Click here to start shopping and enter the following code to get €20 off your first online shop of €60 or more:

This offer is valid until the 25th October 2013.

Thanks for reading! D xoxo

(Disclaimer: I also received an eCoupon in order to do this review, but as always opinions in this review are my own!)


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