9 Month Baby Update!


I can’t believe Devin is already 9 months old.  It seems like it was only a couple of months ago that he was a tiny baby!


He is now just over 10 kg, and 78cm tall (I think).  His clothing is all pretty much 12 months or more at this stage, bar a lovely pile he got from his auntie in Australia which are 6-12 months!  Nappies are still the same size.


He is now in his own room!!  He sleeps better and I sleep better.  I was completely exhausted and it was affecting my moods.  I had stopped enjoying getting up with him in the morning, which was awful.  So in that sense it’s really great.

The separation anxiety is a b*tch though!  I suppose moving him earlier might have been a wiser choice, but something tells me this would probably be an issue at this age either way.  I feel like a lot of effort we made was for nothing in terms of encouraging his ability to be independent and not require constant attention.  So I’m undecided on this side of things, I hope it gets better!

He is going to sleep later now, around 8pm and I will give him another bit of bottle before I go to bed and then he can sleep through until 6am or sometimes he is waking at 4am unable to settle himself so he needs a bottle..but then he can sleep until 8am.

There’s really no routine yet, just seeing how it goes.  We are allowing him to settle himself but I cannot allow him to cry (the cry where I know he’s genuinely upset), I just don’t think it’s fair to suddenly stop being there at night.


We’ve had some real problems but we are really persevering with this one.  We went to see a nurse about this and made some plans.  His bottles have been cut down and sometimes he’s given water rather than a bottle to make sure he is hungry enough to want to eat!  More on this later as we really haven’t got it completely sorted yet!


  • Teeth!  Devin has now got 6 teeth – four on top and two on the bottom.  He was really struggling with them 😦
  • Standing up and cruising!  He will walk himself around the table it along the window ledge.  Only problem is he’s afraid to sit down so he calls out when he’s ready to do that.
  • Going up the stairs!  Not that I should encourage this but he has figured out how to climb stairs!
  • Shaking his head!  Uh-oh!  He shakes his head when he wants to express his disagreement…Whether it’s food, toys or because he wants to sit down.  Here comes the naughtiness!!

Well that’s it for this month, I’m probably going to be doing some more baby update type posts this month anyway, in terms if sleep and routines.  Thanks for reading!

D xoxo

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