About last night…

Tonight will be Devin’s second night in his own room. Yesterday we moved his cot and spent some time making his room baby safe – safe enough that we’d be comfortable to leave him to play alone. The living room is now baby safe too, yay!

So, about last night…the ‘getting him to sleep’ process took nearly 2 hours. It wasn’t that he was hysterical or even upset, he was completely calm. He just wouldn’t fall asleep. It was actually Noel who eventually put him down at 9pm.

Before we went to bed at about 11:30pm, I gave Devin a bottle while he was sleeping. Then something amazing happened!! He slept until 6am!! I really don’t want to get my hopes up, it’s quite possible that this was a once off. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

So, I’ve made some progress with my little July challenge I’ve set for myself! Moved baby and baby proofed…but there’s still major challenges getting him to eat. Oatmeal based foods and yogurt seem to be as far as we can get! Has anyone had this problem before, what did you do? Tips or links to posts below would be VERY appreciated!

Well, that’s my short and sweet update – more to follow! Thanks for reading 😉

D xoxo


2 thoughts on “About last night…

  1. All babies are different and I’m no expert but my second definitely started eating a wide variety of foods when I left what I was eating within reach of her. She started reaching out for it and trying it herself. I have to laugh when I hear about baby-proofing because when our kitchen was baby-proofed I felt like it was adult-proofed too…I couldn’t open any cupboard doors for ages!


    • Thanks Joanna! Lol I know, I haven’t even done the cupboard door parts yet…it was mostly about getting wires and breakables out of the way!!! The proper baby-proofing hasn’t even happened yet!!


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