Evening Skincare Routine

Without fail, I will always make sure I go to bed with a clean face. We’ve all read the horror stories “sleeping with your makeup on ages you by 5 years..” and so on. Obviously that’s an exaggeration! Here’s how I understand it…there’s a series of metabolic processes that go on during the night, which problem skin can really benefit from, but if you don’t have a clean face it doesn’t happen. That’s reason enough for me!

So, this is my (very simple) evening skin care routine!

Step 1: Remove eye makeup! I use baby oil on a cotton pad. It’s so gentle and so effective and the least expensive eye makeup remover I’ve found!

Step 2: Cleanse! At the moment I use a Clean and Clear exfoliating wash. I noticed dry skin around my temples and on my nose last month so I got this. It’s not too grainy/scratchy and it leaves my skin pretty soft!

Step 3: Cleanse Again! I use Witch Hazel on a cotton pad after I have washed my face. It cleans away any excess dirt and is supposed to be a natural toner too. There’s a whole range of things it claims to do including reducing redness/swelling and acting as an anti bacterial to fight acne!

Step 4: Moisturise! Ok, so it’s not quite a moisturiser. I rarely use moisturiser at night as it makes me feel too greasy. If my face feels tight I’ll use a little bit of this Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray.

Step 5: Eye Cream! I’ve used eye cream since I was in school. At the moment I’m using Clinique’s All About Eyes. It’s very light weight and almost a gel, you hardly notice it’s there. I don’t know if it’s doing anything wonderful for me, but it makes me feel better so I never skip this part!

So that’s my extremely simple evening routine! What do you do?…Link below if you’ve got a skincare routine post!

Thanks for reading!

D xoxo

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