Setting myself ANOTHER task!


I had a really good routine at home for Devin, he was sleeping and eating and playing, I had time to do things too and everything was great!  It wasn’t a strict schedule it was just a guideline as to how the day should go!

Then I started listening to other people who told me he was “too young” or how it wasn’t “normal” and “babies shouldn’t be told when to eat or sleep…” etc!  Basically I started to doubt myself and thought maybe I WAS doing it ‘wrong’!

Well, I’ve realised way too late that I was actually doing the right thing for me, and I have to start again!

I have a baby that won’t eat, won’t sleep and throws tantrums and he has parents that are constantly exhausted and irritable!  I have come to realise that it’s because we have completely lost our routine.

The day seems to never end, there’s no switch off point and I am super tired!  Routines, lists and rosters are all things that really help me.  So that’s just what I’m going to do!  I’m setting myself another task for this month: get baby back on track!

Here’s my plan:

  • Move Devin into his own room (eek!)
  • Get him back into a routine to sort out eating and sleeping.
  • Plan activities for him and keep him busy so I don’t find myself saying “I’ve got to get this kid out of the house NOW!”
  • Stick to a weekly housekeeping roster so I can stay on top of cleaning without feeling overwhelmed!

Ok, so I may be taking on too much!  We’ll see, I’ll keep you updated…If anyone has blogged a similar experience link it below for me to read!!  I might need you to wish me luck on this one too :/

Thanks for reading…

D xoxo

One thought on “Setting myself ANOTHER task!

  1. Hi, just stumbled across your blog, sounds like we have babies about the same age so are probably facing similar adventures (was going to say challenges but like to stay positive lol). I’ll be following your blog with interest. I’ve just started my own, so not much on there at the moment but feel free to take a look x


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