8 Month Baby Update!


So much has changed this month!  Major milestone, Devin has learned to crawl!!  It was so strange, it was the day we took him for his developmental check up.  Which of course went swimmingly…or not.

Nurse: “So, is he moving around and everything?”
Me: “Do you mean crawling? Because he’s not crawling.”
Nurse: “Well no not crawling, but moving and rolling?”
Me: “He can move…he doesn’t really bother with the rolling..”
Nurse: “Right… well on the ground with his toys is the best place for him…to encourage him to crawl”

Naturally at this point I was feeling like the WORLDS WORST MOTHER!!  I do put him on the floor and try to encourage crawling!

THEN…out of nowhere, later that day he did it! He crawled AND learned to sit himself up from lying down!  It was such a happy moment…!

Of course, nothing is safe anymore and when he’s quiet you know he’s found something he shouldn’t have.  His favourites include the cables behind the TV, the fireplace, the Internet phone line, the oven and anything on the coffee table!  One word…babyproofing!



Talking!  Ok, not really, but he has started being a lot more vocal with his favourite sayings being “dig dig,” “baba,” “dada” and “mama”!


He’s still the same as last month, the official stats from his developmental checkup were 9.85kg (22lbs) and 75cm so I was a little off with my height chart, otherwise he shrunk.

He is in Baby Dry size 4+ nappies which, by the way, I highly recommend to anyone that hasn’t tried them!

He is in 12-18 month sleep suits and most of his clothing is around the 12 month size too, 6-9 is definitely too small now!

He also got his new car seat, which is just so great!  He is so happy in it, he can see us and he’s comfortable!  The other thing is, it’s a lot sturdier and seems safer.  We definitely felt he was too heavy for his baby seat, it was even making clicking noises on roundabouts (terrifying)!



He seems to be back on his food now, and he’s big into grown ups food.  He loves quiche!  And spaghetti and meatballs is another hit with him!


He’s sort of made his own routine, a lot of people say he should be going to bed later but he can’t seem to handle anything later at the moment so we’ll see!

7am: wake up, breakfast, play and some TV (while mommy has a coffee)

9am: bottle and morning nap for about 30-40 mins.

12pm:  Lunch and some time between now and 2pm he’ll have a bottle and his lunchtime nap for an hour.

Most days he needs a third nap in the late afternoon as he is quite active and tiring himself out!  He’ll also have some snacks during the day, which might be a yoghurt or some crackers.

6pm: Dinner followed by wind-down and bath

7pm: Bedtime

10-11pm: Dreamfeed a bottle

4-5am: Bottle

So, due to the fact that he’s learned to get himself up from lying down and to crawl he’s started getting up when he wakes!  So his sleeping habits are probably going to change and we will probably have to get him into his own room soon too.  As I said, he makes his own routine so we’ll see!

That’s it for this month, I’m certain he’ll keep me super busy this month and there’ll be even more to share at 9 months!

Here’s a “socks” comparison to show how much he’s grown!! They go up to his knees in the first one haha:


Thanks for reading!

D xoxo

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4 thoughts on “8 Month Baby Update!

  1. Aw! Time to put absolutely everything out of his reach!!! I got rid of all the baby socks recently, I couldn’t get over how tiny they were.


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