6 Month Mommy Baby Update

So, Devin is almost 6 months old now! I can’t believe how the time just seems to be flying.  He’s turning into his own little person and it’s wonderful.  Seeing him sitting up by himself, reaching out for pretty much anything within his reach is just remarkably satisfying.  People had said to me that babies start being “fun” at this age, and I honestly thought he’d been fun since the beginning but it really is true!  When we put him down for his sleep in the evening we actually miss his company!  Such fun!
(Our most recent Mommy/Baby pic)Anyway that’s enough of my little rant from cloud 9.  I thought I’d do a little mommy baby update today as they are a particular favourite of mine to read at the moment.  I like seeing what’s normal (any first time mamas will understand this worry) and what to expect in the coming weeks!

Height/Weight:   His most recent measurements are 8.6kg and 72cm.  He is already getting a little big for some of his 6-9 months clothes!  But he’s got a very tall daddy so I’m not worried!   I’ve learned not to get too tied up in what’s “normal”, it’ll only cause unnecessary worry!
Mobility:  He is sitting up unaided now.  I still put my nursing pillow behind him so when he loses balances, it’s a soft landing!  He’s not crawling or moving around, but he has started rocking himself back and forth while sitting.  He does this when he’s focusing on something he likes, a toy or something and it really looks like he’s getting ready to lunge!  On occasion he does actually follow through with the lunge which is terrifying to watch (arghhh…bumps and bruises).
Eating:  We started him on solids when he was four months.  It was very easy, it wasn’t my plan but we did it because he seemed to want it!  I will say though, he did go through a couple of weeks of ‘fussiness’ – teething again.  For anyone who is starting weaning now and having any problems – my go to food when he is being fussy is the jar of creamed porridge by Heinz.  I believe it has something to do with the gooey texture but yes, highly recommended.  In general though, he has three meals a day – his cereal in the morning with fruit, lunch time is his biggest feed – his favourite at the moment is a chicken and veg dinner. (Chicken is only a teeny tiny amount at the moment), and then another cereal/fruit type meal before bed.
(Not ALWAYS a fan of the new tastes!)
Sleeping:  We are no longer co-sleeping.  Devin has his own cot now, and he’s next to me in the bedroom.   If you are co-sleeping and planning on moving baby to his own cot or bed I would advise that you do it as early as possible!   Even a couple of months later, I feel if I had to do it now he’d be far too aware of what was happening!
As for Mommy, I’m now only nursing first thing in the morning.  Just to be clear about my reasons for stopping breastfeeding, I have to start my treatment again and obviously Devin can’t be getting any of that, it will also stop me from being able to nurse!  So, I feel extremely lucky that Devin led us to wean him, and move him on to solids and follow-on milk, because it doesn’t make me feel like I’m depriving him.  Stopping nursing was extremely emotional for me, and it’s certainly not easy to pump and dump instead of giving it to your baby, so we just do the one in the morning and soon this will stop too.
Well someone is shouting for attention now, so that’s my cue to leave!  Hope you enjoyed the update, thanks for reading!  Leave comments, tell me about your own experiences and links to blogs – always love a new read!
D xoxo

3 thoughts on “6 Month Mommy Baby Update

  1. Thanks Christine 😉 always nice to get a compliment! I'm in the process of checking Proper Fud out at the moment, how did I not see this before! I think he'll be trying some new things over the coming weeks now. My Heinz jar is just my naughty go to, but he doesn't seem to love my homemade mush too much, so will definitely be trying some of Jill's ideas! Thanks for the link 😉


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