My Pregnancy Story Part II

My pregnancy was a wonderful experience. Don’t get me wrong now, I had morning sickness throughout, and at 37 weeks I was saying “come out already”, but as a whole, I loved it!  It’s not easy though, and I had actually forgotten that until I was reading through my pregnancy journal last night!
First Trimester

Excerpt from Week 8: “I’m sick, then hungry, sick, then hungry…then sick..oh and I’m tired ALL THE TIME” (LOL! Wow). “Noel looks after me so well, he makes me tea and toast and drives me to work.”

Yes, driving myself made me car sick.  I actually forgot about this, but it’s true – I had to carry sick bags!  As for the tea and toast – I had a mad aversion to dairy – if I saw it, I’d be sick!  So, I could drink tea with milk but only if someone else poured the milk! RIDICULOUS

Cravings: “It’s not so much what I’m craving, as much as what’s not making me throw up!!” I went through phases where I could only eat one thing as it had been tried and tested and didn’t result in the ole barf-a-rooneys!  I was extremely lucky too – McDonalds, Pizza and basically anything bad for you made me so sick!  (Not anymore though!! Ha ha ha!)


Second Trimester:

This is the time when you get to see your baby on a scan for the first time, and in most cases find out the sex of the baby.
Excerpt from Week 21: “How did I feel when I saw the scan? Amazing. My heart was beating so fast!  We saw every perfect bit of you.  We found out you were a boy…that made no difference except that we could call you “him”. I love you.

Around this time I also did some major nesting.  I started cleaning the apartment from top to toe.  I was kind of ridiculous actually telling myself “he could touch that when he’s crawling” – incidentally he’s three months old now and we’re moving, so crawling in this apartment was definitely not something to worry about!

I was FULL of energy and I loved the smell of cleaning products – sounds dangerous but I can assure you it wasn’t!  However my major craving began at this time too – sponges.  Yes, you read correctly.  Not just any sponge though, the type with the rough exfoliating bit.  I chewed them but I didn’t eat them, but the two texture feel was a necessity.

I was sick throughout the pregnancy and my second trimester saw the puke in the car incident, my amazing sister saved the day though.  She and her hubby own a car detailing business (very high end and no way could I afford them) but they sent a crew out to me at work to clean up my mess!

Third Trimester:

During week 28 I was an absolute emotional wreck!  Noel was taken into hospital with a ruptured appendix.  I remember looking at him and genuinely thinking he looked like he was dying, that sounds dramatic but the only appendix stories I’ve ever heard have been disastrous!  He was fine in the end though!

Excerpt from Week 28:  “you’re moving so so much…I think you know something is wrong”

He sort of suddenly started moving a lot when Noel was in the hospital!  It was actually weirdly comforting, it made me feel like I wasn’t alone – incredible baby bonding that week.

Around week 34 is when the real restlessness began! I was standing on chairs cleaning cupboards, taking down curtains, washing windows etc. I was still working too – which my doctor suggested/implied I shouldn’t have been as I’m on my feet all day in work!  There was no way I was stopping early – I’d go crazy at home waiting for him! 
 Labour (the short and sweet edit):Labour began while I was playing Call of Duty!  (Note have not played since having him – no time for that!! ) I wasn’t really sure what it was but it was sore enough to stop playing Xbox!  6 hours later I decided I should go to hospital.  Noel drove me in and 12 hours later I had my gorgeous baby boy!If anyone actually wants to hear the labour story I can write a post about it, but I think it’s one of those things people don’t like hearing about!

If there’s anything you’d like to share please comment below!


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