Miracle Baby – My Pregnancy Story

When I was younger I was diagnosed with a tumour. When it was diagnosed, I thought it was great as I had long been suffering from headaches and other symptoms including major hormone imbalances that mirrored signs of depression.  What I didn’t know, until I was sat with my consultant on my second or third visit, was that infertility was also a side effect of the tumour.

Now, I was in no way ready for children, in fact I would go as far as saying I never thought about having kids before that. But when you’re told that you cannot have children, suddenly everything changes.  I sat in my car and cried and cried – I felt like a failure! Choosing not to have children, and not being ABLE to have children are two entirely different things!

Life went on and I learned to accept my fate.  Before I met Noel it was pretty easy, as I hadn’t met anyone I had any desire to have a baby with!  But when I met Noel I knew he was different.  We got engaged in Vegas, we travelled to the other side of the world together, we were faced with a lot of tough situations and we didn’t break.

When we spoke about our future and the possibility of children it was more of a fantasy than anything else.  The way people talk about winning the lotto!

So when we actually got pregnant it was a complete shock!  The most amazingly wonderful shock of my life! I peed on several sticks and each time we were giddy over it, bu we didn’t really believe it until the doctor confirmed it for us.

“How did you get pregnant?” She had said.  (The usual way incase you wondered) “It’s a little miracle baby”

We were over the moon.  And so, we began planning for our next big adventure together!

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